A Strong Showing for Altus Press on Amazon!

While checking out the Amazon listings for two of our latest release, Doc Savage: The Desert Demons and Riding the Pulp Trail, I was very pleased to see how highly they were ranked on Amazon book sales charts. First, take a look at The Desert Demons, which clocked in at #9,768:

Doc Savage: The Desert Demons Amazon sales placement

While Riding the Pulp Trail reached #19,379:

Riding the Pulp Trail Amazon sales placement

Congrats to Will Murray and Laurie Powers for this achievement! I’ve rarely seen any pulp-related book under 100,000, so this is a very impressive showing. And thanks to all of your for your support!

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One Thought on A Strong Showing for Altus Press on Amazon!

  1. Speaking of Amazon.com, here’s a plug for a book I designed….though not a patch on the efforts Mr Moring, I’m afraid.



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