Pulps Pricing Sales Census: All Star Detective Stories (Feb. 1931) and All Star Detective (May 1942)

Here are two recent eBay sales of ALL STAR DETECTIVE:ALL STAR DETECTIVE - Feb. 1931


ALL STAR DETECTIVE STORIES – Feb. 1931 recently sold for $25.87

Authors: “Coffins for Six !” by Erle Stanley Gardner;
“The Death Feast” by H. H. Matteson;
“The Ghost Canoe” by Leslie McFarlane


No description given “This magazine is from my Uncle’s estate. It has not been professionally graded…. see the pictures for the true description. If I see any writing on the pages, I will show a photo of it. Please look at the photos to determine the condition.”

Kind of beat, yellowing paper, and front cover is detached. Still this Clayton Pulp sold for close to $30.00.


ALL STAR DETECTIVE – May 1942 recently sold for $114.38

Second and Last Issue, although it says issue 3. ALL STAR DETECTIVE - May 1942NOT the same series as the above Clayton title, but a Manvis Publications, Inc./Red Star/Tmely-Marvel Comics/Martin Goodman Pulp.


“The Last Corpse Will Have Red Lips” by Edward Ronns (pseudonym of Edward S. Aarons, who did The ANGEL DETECTIVE Pulp for Mavis. He also wrote the 42 series of CIA agent Sam Durell/”Assignment” (and) in paperbacks (1955-1976));
Murder Merry-Go-Round” by W. T. Ballard;
“Name the Dragon’s Next Victim” by G. T. Fleming-Roberts (and);
“A Button, a Flower, and Blood” by Eric Howard;
“Death Is a Little Doll”; “Whom the Fiend Hates”



“The cover is a Peter Driben homage to – or just ripoff of – H. J. Ward.SPICY DETECTIVE STORIES - Sept. 1941

This was the Library of Congress copyright deposit file copy, and obviously everyone at the LoC had to stamp it to make it official. (I count at last 6 – DLS)

 Still, an uncommon pulp and a unique convergence of two legendary pinup artists.


Condition: Front cover: Light edge wear and edge tears, LoC ink stamps, creases along the right edge, partially erased pencil markings near top right corner, separation from spine for the top inch-and-a-half or so.

Back cover: Similar to the front cover, minus all the LoC stamps.
Spine: Slightly faded, moderate wear, light surface soiling.

Pages: Tan, a little darker around the edges, clean. A few of the pages that stick out the farthest have some very minor edge flaking, but the pages overall are still flexible.”


ENJOY PULPS – David Lee Smith