Altus Press Books Premiering at Pulpfest 2016

Altus Press is pleased to announce its summer 2016 releases, all of which will premiere at Pulpfest. They’ll be available exclusively at the Mike Chomko, Books, table. Our books typically sell out quickly at the pulp shows, so please contact Mike to reserve your copies.

wufang1cvrThe Mysterious Wu Fang #1: The Case of the Six Coffins

By Robert J. Hogan

“There is one Val Kildare, government agent. It is my wish that he die the most painful death in our power to inflict.” From an underground room in Limehouse this order was given. And now, across the Atlantic, sped a murder cargo to wipe out the only man who stood between Wu Fang, Emperor of Crime, and his conquest of the world!

201 pages | $12.95 softcover

yensin1cvrYen Sin #1: The Mystery of the Dragon’s Shadow

By Donald E. Keyhoe

Out of the teeming turbulent East had come Dr. Yen Sin—saff­ron-skinned wizard of crime—bringing to the capital of the West all the ancient Devil’s-lore at his command—and a horde of Asian Hell-born to help him spawn it. But Michael Traile—The Man Who Never Slept—had crammed into his own keen brain the means to cope with the sinister doctor. For he knew even the secrets of the Dragon’s Shadow and how to penetrate the yellow murder fog that had descended on the capital to mingle its blood-wisps with the mist from the Potomac.

152 pages | $12.95 softcover

Super-Detective Jim Anthony: The Complete Series Volume 3Super-Detective Jim Anthony: The Complete Series Volume 3

by Victor Rousseau

The complete reprinting of the greatest of the Doc Savage pastiches continues! Volume Three of contains the next three adventures of Jim Anthony: “Murder Syndicate,” “The Horrible Marionettes,” and “Border Napoleon.” This volume also includes editor notes and correspondence.

353 pages | $19.95 softcover | $29.95 hardcover

Ki-Gor: The Complete Series Volume 3Ki-Gor: The Complete Series Volume 3

by John Peter Drummond, introduction by Howard Andrew Jones

For the first time, the Ki-Gor series from the pages of Jungle Stories is collected, complete, uncut and in order! Volume 3 includes the next four stories: “Tigress of T’wanbi” (Winter 1941-42), “Slaves for the Renegade Sultan” (Spring 1942), “Blood Priestess of Vig’Na” (Summer 1942), and “The Cannibal Horde” (Fall 1942).

318 pages | $24.95 softcover | $34.95 hardcover

The Complete Adventures of The Griffon Volume 3The Complete Adventures of The Griffon Volume 3

by Arch Whitehouse

Fighting the aerial forces of evil for nearly ten years in the pages of Flying Aces, Kerry Keen aka The Griffon finally returns to print! This edition continues the complete reprinting of the series. Volume 3 contains the next six stories: “Riddle of the Rocket,” “Cavalry of the Clouds,” “Twin-Engine Treachery,” “Test Pilot Terror,” “The Carrier Coup” and “Scourge of the Sky Brood.”

275 pages | $19.95 softcover | $29.95 hardcover

The Complete Adventures of the Moon Man, Volume 2: 1934The Complete Adventures of the Moon Man, Volume 2: 1934

by Frederick C. Davis, introduction by Andrew Salmon

One of the strangest pulp heroes is finally available from Altus Press! Created by pulp fiction legend Frederick C. Davis for the pages of the ultra-rare title, Ten Detective Aces, the Moon Man fought the forces of the underworld in 38 unforgettable tales. Volume 2 collects the next six stories from this series: “Silver Death,” “Mark of the Moon Man,” “Crimson Shackles,” “Blood Bargain,” “The Black Lash” and “The Murder Master.” And it includes an all-new introduction by Moon Man expert Andrew Salmon.

337 pages | $24.95 softcover | $34.95 hardcover

The Black Bat Omnibus, Volume 5The Black Bat Omnibus Volume 5

by Norvell W. Page and Norman A. Daniels

Pulp hero the Black Bat returns! This collection contains the next three adventures of the Black Bat: “The Black Bat’s Summons,” “The Black Bat’s Invisible Enemy,” and “The Voice of Doom,” uncut and restored with the original illustrations. Featuring a story by long-time Spider author, Norvell W. Page, it’s the next volume of the complete reprinting of the series.

339 pages | $19.95 softcover | $29.95 hardcover

Hazzard: The Complete SeriesHazzard: The Complete Series

by Frederick C. Davis

The Fight Against the lawless! Mark Hazzard, red-headed, fiery-tempered District Attorney of King’s County was a man of the Law, but when the law didn’t get justice, the guilty were then the prey for the Juggernaut of Justice and his own iron rules. Bucking the police and the underworld alike, Hazzard kept a secret that would send him to burn in the electric chair. Written by Frederick C. Davis, the author of the Moon Man series. Featuring all six of Mark Hazzard’s adventures in one volume!

296 pages | $19.95 softcover | $29.95 hardcover

Adventures of a Professional CorpseAdventures of a Professional Corpse

by H. Bedford-Jones

Meet James F. Bronson, a man who finds dying a profitable business. Time after time, Bronson accepts assignments to whom dying is all in the day’s work. One of the most offbeat series that H. Bedford-Jones penned; a series for which he was inspired by an advertisement that actually appeared.

94 pages | $11.95 softcover | $29.95 hardcover

Invitation to a Crime: Further Adventures of Denis Burke by H. Bedford-JonesInvitation to a Crime: Further Adventures of Denis Burke

by H. Bedford-Jones

Operating out of Morocco, American profiteer Denis Burke encounters business opportunities fraught with political intrigue, shady underworld characters, double-crossing associates, and devious women—all while trying not to run afoul of the law. Burke must dodge his ever-watchful nemesis, Inspector Crepin, who has vowed to expel him from the country—or better yet—put him behind bars. A never before reprinted series by the King of the Pulps, H. Bedford-Jones.

132 pages | $14.95 softcover | $29.95 hardcover

Red Runes of China by H. Bedford-JonesRed Runes of China

by H. Bedford-Jones

The runes told of mystery, of danger lurking in odd corners, of the craft of the Orient put to evil purposes in the Far West, and started young Dick Clews on a great adventure…. A never-before-collected series, it’s now part of The H. Bedford-Jones Library.

138 pages | $14.95 softcover | $29.95 hardcover

The Cross and the Hammer: A Tale of the Days of the Vikings by H. Bedford-JonesThe Cross and the Hammer: A Tale of the Days of the Vikings

by H. Bedford-Jones

H. Bedford-Jones’ thrilling novel of the Vikings and King Olaf, who broke the power of the old gods and who introduced Christianity into his realm. One of H. Bedford-Jones’ earliest novels, it’s now part of The H. Bedford-Jones Library.

162 pages | $14.95 softcover | $29.95 hardcover

The Mardi Gras Mystery by H. Bedford-JonesThe Mardi Gras Mystery

by H. Bedford-Jones

Who is The Midnight Masquer? While partygoers celebrate Mardi Gras under the recently-enacted Prohibition, attention is cast to this masked character and his connection to the murder of a prominent New Orleans citizen. Did the victim’s son really commit the crime, or is there more than meets the eye?

188 pages | $14.95 softcover | $29.95 hardcover

Thady Shea’s Saga by H. Bedford-JonesThady Shea’s Saga

by H. Bedford-Jones

The Navajo’s sacred relics, the seven Gods of the San Marcos, are the focus of attention between warring factions in the Old West, and washed-up actor Thaddeus Shea is caught in between the chaos! A classic adventure written by The King of the Pulps, and now it’s part of The H. Bedford-Jones Library.

174 pages | $14.95 softcover | $29.95 hardcover

Conquest: The Story of Pierre Radisson, Founder of the Hudson Bay Company by H. Bedford-JonesConquest: The Story of Pierre Radisson, Founder of the Hudson Bay Company

by H. Bedford-Jones

The story of Pierre Radisson has passed into history. That he was the first man to reach the Mississippi, after De Soto, is now admitted. It was he who founded the Hudson’s Bay Company, and who opened up the great Northwest to the world. One of H. Bedford-Jones’ earliest novels, now part of The H. Bedford-Jones Library.

184 pages | $14.95 softcover | $29.95 hardcover

The Complete Tales of Koropok by Sidney Herschel SmallThe Complete Tales of Koropok (Deluxe Edition)

by Sidney Herschel Small

Limited hardcover edition of 50 copies. Comes with eBook versions of all the stories.

One of the best series from the twilight of Adventure Magazine’s run, this 11-story saga of an American undercover agent in the Far East during World War II has been sadly neglected for 75 years. But no longer! This Comprehensive set also includes over 100 illustrations by master pulp illustrators Hamilton Greene and Frank Kramer. This limited, deluxe edition collects them all! Plus: purchase of this deluxe edition entitles you to free eBook versions of these stories.

306 pages | $75.00 deluxe hardcover

cardigandeluxe1The Complete Cases of Cardigan (2 Volume Deluxe Edition)

by Frederick Nebel

Limited hardcover edition of 50 copies. Comes with eBook versions of all the stories.

Frederick Nebel’s unforgettable character Jack Cardigan was one of the main reasons behind the success of the legendary Dime Detective Magazine. His hard-boiled P.I. stories were a major influence to other writers of the era, yet only a handful have been reprinted since their original 44-story run eighty years ago. This deluxe two-volume contains the entire series of 44 stories, complete and uncut, with an introduction by Will Murray and the original illustrations by John Fleming Gould.

698 pages | $140.00 deluxe hardcovers

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