Doc Savage: Horror in Gold is Almost Here

Doc Savage: Horror in GoldGood news: after several months of work, the second volume of our Wild Adventures of Doc Savage series is nearly here. Assuming things go right, Horror in Gold will be available for sale on late this week or early next.

Horror in Gold is even longer than The Desert Demons (clocking in at about 300 pages), but we’ve kept the price the same. Early reviews rank it even higher than The Desert Demons, so this will certainly be the perfect Christmas gift for fans of The Man of Bronze.

Here’s a little information on how we’re releasing Horror in Gold. We’ll be making the paperback edition for sale on in just a matter of days. This will be followed shortly by the e-book version of the title. Later on, we’ll be releasing the deluxe, signed hardcover (also on So although the release schedule of the formats are slightly different than what we did on The Desert Demons, in the case of Horror in Gold we’ll have all the formats out within a tighter timeframe.

Once the paperback is available, we’ll be adding a link to from this site, and, as we did with The Desert Demons, we’ll be posting Chapter 1.

Thanks again for your patience with us as we made sure Horror in Gold was done right.

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December 6, 2011

Doc Savage: Horror in Gold is Available

December 6, 2011