Milo March Returns to Print in May

The classic detective/spy adventures to be released in a uniform edition series, including the final, unpublished March novel

Milo March #22: Death to the Brides

Steeger Books is proud to reissue twenty-three vintage novels and stories by M.E. Chaber, whose Milo March Mysteries deliver mile-a-minute action and breezily readable entertainment for suspense buffs.

Written by Green Lama creator Kendell Foster Crossen under the Chaber pen name, the Milo March thrillers are fondly recalled by paperback collectors for the spectacular Robert McGinnis paintings on the covers of the 1970s series.

These remastered, uniform editions include the original texts, restored by Kendra Crossen Burroughs, her father’s literary executor and the series editor. New, bonus articles, interviews, and rare images are featured in most of the volumes. 

All the Milo March novels of the original paperback series will be reissued, along with these additional installments:

  • “Born to Be Hanged,” the last-published Milo March book, which was omitted from the 1970s series and now appears in paperback for the first time.
  • “Death to the Brides,” a previously-unpublished full-length spy novel set in wartime Vietnam, in a lightly edited version of the author’s original typescript.
  • “The Twisted Trap: Six Milo March Stories,” which collects—for the first time—short fiction by M.E. Chaber previously published only in magazine form.

Milo March is an Insurance Investigator who takes on the toughest cases and the most ruthless enemies. Whenever many millions of insurance dollars are at stake, whether due to organized crime, grand theft, arson, fraud, suspicious disappearances, or murder, Milo is just the man for the job—or even the only man for it.

During World War II, Milo was assigned to the OSS and later the CIA. Now in the Army Reserves, with the rank of Major, he is recalled for special jobs behind the Iron Curtain in several novels. As an agent, he chops necks, trusses men like chickens to steal their uniforms, and shoots point blank at secret police—yet he may unexpectedly feel compassion for a counterspy. With quick improvisation, unflappable humor, and a stubborn insistence on staying alive, Milo closes each case or mission successfully, to return to his favorite things: women, booze, and good food, more or less in that order….

Several Milo March books will be released each month for the rest of the year: 









  • Death to the Brides
  • The Twisted Trap: Six Milo March Stories

Each softcover book in the Milo March series retails for $14.95, and ebooks for $4.99. All will be available at and online bookstores.

Milo March is a hard-drinking, womanizing, wisecracking, James-Bondian character. He always comes out on top through a combination of personality, bluff, bravado, luck, skill, experience, and intellect. He is a shrewd judge of human character, a crack shot, and a deeper character than I have found in most of the other spy/thriller novels I’ve read. But, above all, he is a con-man—and a very good one. It is Milo March himself who makes the series worth reading. 

Don Miller, The Mystery Nook fanzine 12

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