Sale! Senorita Scorpion (Two Book Set)

The Complete Senorita Scorpion (Two Book Set)

by Les Savage, Jr., and Emmett McDowell

introductions by Will Murray

Taken from their original appearances in Action Stories from 1944–49, this specially-priced two-book set collects all of the adventures of Señorita Scorpion: “Señorita Scorpion,” “The Brand of Señorita Scorpion,” “Secret of Santiago,” “The Curse of Montezuma,” “Brand of the Gallows-Ghost,” “Lash of the Six-Gun Queen,” “Gun-Witch of Hoodoo Range” and “The Sting of Señorita Scorpion,” along with articles by pulp historian Will Murray.

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Sale! The Argosy Library: Series 1 (Ten Book Set)

The Argosy Library: Series 1 (Ten Book Set)

by Lester Dent, W. Wirt, Otis Adelbert Kline, W.C. Tuttle, Charles Alden Seltzer, George F. Worts, Fred MacIsaac, Philip Ketchum, Victor Rousseau, and Theodore Roscoe

This specially-priced set includes all ten books in Series 1 of The Argosy Library:

Get all of Series 1 at a big discount!

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