Sale! Black Mask (Spring 2017)

Black Mask (Spring 2017)

The greatest detective magazine of all time is back for another collection of the best in hard-boiled fiction. Featuring classic material from the vaults of Black Mask, Dime Detective, Detective Fiction Weekly, and other high-quality pulp magazines. This issue issue is headlined by an all-new story by Carroll John Daly, the creator of Race Williams.

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Sale! The Argosy Library: Series 2 (Ten Book Set)

The Argosy Library: Series 2 (Ten Book Set)

by Max Brand, Murray R. Montgomery, Norbert Davis, Fred MacIsaac, Theodore Roscoe, Loring Brent, Ralph Milne Farley, Cleve F. Adams, J.U. Giesy & Junius B. Smith, and Jack Bechdolt

This specially-priced set includes all ten books in Series 2 of The Argosy Library:

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Sabotage (The Argosy Library) by Cleve F. Adams

Sabotage (The Argosy Library)

Originally published as a six-part serial in Detective Fiction Weekly in 1939, Sabotage introduced readers to forgotten hard-boiled master Cleve F. Adams’ number one detective: Rex McBride.

The Argosy Library #18

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