Sale! The Argosy Library: Series 1 (Ten Book Set)

The Argosy Library: Series 1 (Ten Book Set)

by Lester Dent, W. Wirt, Otis Adelbert Kline, W.C. Tuttle, Charles Alden Seltzer, George F. Worts, Fred MacIsaac, Philip Ketchum, Victor Rousseau, and Theodore Roscoe

This specially-priced set includes all ten books in Series 1 of The Argosy Library:

Get all of Series 1 at a big discount!

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Bretwalda (The Argosy Library) by Philip Ketchum

Bretwalda (The Argosy Library)

Collecting—for the first time—all 12 stories of the Bretwalda saga from the pages of Argosy Magazine by Philip Ketchum.
’Twas the mightiest weapon the eyes of man had ever beheld; its mystic name meant “Ruler of Briton.” And from over the Northern Sea came a Viking’s thrall—the only man in the world who could wield that fearsome steel—to save good King Alfred and the homeland he scarce remembered.

The Argosy Library #8

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