Red Finger #1: Second-Hand Death

Red Finger #1: Second-Hand Death

“Der Rote Finger!” the foreign spy gasped as he came face to face with America’s top agent. Ford Duane, a mild mannered bookstore owner is, in truth, the dreaded Red Finger, top agent of P.A.T., hunter and destroyer of foreign spies. Carrying only a strange gas gun, foreign agents end up dead after they meet this nemesis. His black gloves have one oddity, the trigger finger is painted blood red, giving him the name foreign spies have come to recognize and fear—The Red Finger!

For the first time, all 13 Red Finger stories by Arthur Leo Zagat from the back pages of Operator #5 are collected in one edition, along with the recently-discovered, unpublished finale, “Red Finger and the Murder Trio,” puts closure on this classic series.

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Slaughter, Incorporated

The Spider: Slaughter, Incorporated (Facsimile Edition)

Originally slated to appear in The Spider Magazine in the 1940s, “Slaughter, Incorporated” was ultimately shelved when that magazine was cancelled. Never before published directly from author Donald G. Cormack’s original manuscript, this edition has been faithfully reconstructed as an exact copy of the never-published February 1944 issue of The Spider Magazine, complete with vintage interior illustrations.

In addition, The Spider: Slaughter, Incorporated (Facsimile Edition) marks the first publication of the never-before-published lost Red Finger story, “Red Finger and the Murder Trio,” penned by Arthur Leo Zagat. Also including a story by longtime Spider author, Norvell Page.

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