Crockett's Devil

Crockett’s Devil

Davy Crockett has a Devil in his heart: The Time: 1813. The Place: The Mississippi Territory. The Problem: Rebelling Creek warriors, under war chief Red Eagle, spread terror across the frontier, slaughtering settlers and peaceful Creeks alike. The Solution: Kill Red Eagle!

But Davy Crockett disagrees. He sees Red Eagle as the young nation’s best hope for peace, and risks his hair—and his life—to stop the fighting.

Standing in his way are:

  • General Andrew Jackson, seeking glory to restart his political career.
  • A Militia Commander leading some of the most brutal killers in the South.
  • A Revolutionary War hero offering a bounty for Creek scalps.
  • Davy’s best friend, who demands vengeance for his family.
  • An Indian Princess who lost her mother to Red Eagle’s war.
  • Red Eagle himself and his thousand bloodthirsty warriors.
  • And most of all, Crockett’s Devil, an inner demon threatening all his hopes.

Can Davy best them all and bring peace to the wild frontier?

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