The Last Collection of Black Mask Stories By Frederick Nebel is Out!

Street Wolf: The Black Mask Stories of Frederick Nebel Altus Press is please to release our final collection of Frederick Nebel’s stories published in the pages of Black Mask. This collection assembles all the stray stories he did for that magazine, and they’ve never before been reprinted. You can get it here.


Petty crooks, gangsters, rum runners, hijackers, jewel smugglers, Chinatown tongs, hard-boiled cops, tramp gunmen, a prize fighter, and a private dick. These are just a few of the characters found within the pages of this collection from master crime fiction writer Frederick Nebel. This book, the eleventh volume in The Nebel Library, collects for the first time, the last sixteen remaining tales he wrote for Black Mask. Complete with their original illustrations.

Now Available - Tomorrow: The Complete Saga, Vol. 1

September 23, 2014

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September 23, 2014