First, thanks to everyone for your suggestions for future reprint books. I wish I could tackle them all, but I can tell you that several that were mentioned will happen.

We’ve released a lot of great titles over the past for years, and in order to get them out in a timely manner I’ve had the good fortune to work with a lot of great proofreaders, most recently Ray Riethmeier and Ric Croxton. However, I’ll soon have a glut of completed titles that just need proofreading done on them, and I’m currently looking for other proofreaders who’d like to proof some of them.

I can’t pay for proofreading, but I can give you a free copy of the finished work, as well as a thank you in print. If you’re interested in proofreading, drop me a line using the form on the Contact Us tab.

All right, I’m back to work!