Altus Press Announces the Dime Detective Library

The first wave contains seven volumes, with many more on the way

Inspector AllhoffSeptember 10, 2013, BOSTON, MA—Altus Press today announced an all-new line to their stable of quality pulp fiction reprints. Called The Dime Detective Library, each volume will showcase one of the many hard-boiled characters that ran in the pages of Dime Detective Magazine over the course of that pulp’s 20-year lifespan.

Dime Detective Magazine was second only to Black Mask in the cultivation of the hard-boiled detective genre. DD published over 250 issues and introduced hundreds of characters in that span, most of which have never been reprinted. With the success of Altus Press’ recent collections of Dime Detective characters such as Secrets, Inc., Cardigan, and Max Latin, it was decided that additional DD properties would be fast-tracked for release in quality collected editions.

The first wave of The Dime Detective Library sees seven releases, each containing all-new introductions by pulp historian Ed Hulse. The characters in this first wave include:

  • Vee Brown by Race Williams author and Black Mask mainstay Carroll John Daly,
  • The Rambler by Fred MacIsaac, one of the earliest of the DD characters to make the leap to feature films,
  • Cass Blue, an under-appreciated hard-bolied detective series by DD mainstay John Lawrence,
  • Keyhole Kerry by one of DD‘s best authors, Frederick C. Davis,
  • The Marquis of Broadway by John Lawrence. The Marquis leads The Broadway Squad, the most brutal of the detective pulps’ “crimefighters,”
  • Mr. Maddox by T.T. Flynn, one of the best—and longest-running—series from the pages of DD, and
  • Inspector Allhoff by D.L. Champion, surely the forefather of Ironsides.

The Dime Detective Library will commence in the early fall. Future waves of releases will see steady release. The Dime Detective Library will be available in softcover, hardcover, and in the various eBook formats.

[stag_one_fourth]Vee Brown[/stag_one_fourth]

[stag_one_fourth]The Rambler[/stag_one_fourth]

[stag_one_fourth]Cass Blue[/stag_one_fourth]

[stag_one_fourth_last]Keyhole Kerry[/stag_one_fourth_last]

[stag_one_half]Marquis of Broadway[/stag_one_half]

[stag_one_half_last]Mr. Maddox[/stag_one_half_last]

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