Altus Press F.A.Q. Part 1

Wow, lots of posts today! I’ve tried to keep posts to a minimum, only posting when there’s something to post about. There’s a lot of unnecessary clutter out there on blogs; why add to it? But people have asked me about the books here and future plans, so I’ll dive in. Here are the most-frequently asked questions I get:

1. “Are you going to publish [insert title here]?”

Maybe! There are a lot of titles that are in-progress, that I’m planning, and that I’d like to do. I usually have several titles under construction, and at various stages of completion. As mentioned earlier, “The Pulp Adventures of The Hooded Detective” was released today (complete with a foreword and afterword by Will Murray) and “Tarrano the Conqueror” is scheduled for release in a few weeks. There are more pulp history books by Tom Johnson coming—each has been updated. Among them are stand-alone books on The Phantom Detective, The Black Bat and The Shadow. Another Secret Agent “X” reprint omnibus is on the horizon as well. And we’re working with the Lester Dent estate to reprint several collections in the near future, the first of which is “The Complete Blonde Adder,” containing all the Lee Nace stories. These have been restored from the original manuscripts, so this is pure Dent.

The pulp community is full of great, generous people, but there is also a handful of dirtbags. Because of past encounters with such human debris, I’m afraid I can’t announce any other titles yet. But I will announce titles about a month before publication in the future, or when there’s cover art to show (if cover art exists, the interior’s most likely complete).

Rest assured there are about a dozen titles which are coming soon. And we’ve come to an agreement with one pulp author’s estate to reprint all said author’s work (or in some cases, publish for the first time!), with another very prominent author possible within the next few weeks. This is material fans have been asking for, so keep an eye open!

I’ll continue the FAQ list in the next post…

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  1. Hi Matt,
    Always glad to see news updates! Altus Press continues to bring the best material to the pulp community. I hope you know you are appreciated!

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