Altus Press to Reprint The Spider and Operator #5

January 10, 2018—Altus Press announced today it has obtained the licenses to two classic pulp characters—The Spider and Operator #5—and shall be offering their adventures in several formats in authorized editions.

Both part of Popular Publications’ line of hero titles introduced in the mid-1930s as conceived by Popular president Harry Steeger, their original adventures were written primarily by Norvell W. Page, Frederick C. Davis, and Emile C. Tepperman for a combined total of over 160 novel-length adventures.

The Spider in actionWhile portions of each series has been reprinted in retypeset format, never before has either series been completely republished with the original text and vintage black & white illustrations. These Altus Press editions will do just that.

The first collection from these two properties shall be a comprehensive oversized hardcover edition of The Complete Purple Wars, comprising all 13 parts of the Purple Invasion saga from the pages of Operator #5  magazine. Considered the War and Peace of the pulps, it’s a half-million-word saga which has never before been collected in a comprehensive edition.

Altus Press shall also be publishing the all-new adventures of The Spider and Operator #5, written by Will Murray.

Altus Press is the largest publisher and distributor of vintage pulp fiction classics. For more information, please visit

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2 Thoughts on Altus Press to Reprint The Spider and Operator #5

  1. YEAH!!!
    Was a little upset when I went to fill some holes during your holiday sale and the Black Bat volumes I didn’t have weren’t available.
    Now if you can just complete the Crimson Mask and Masked Detective series…

  2. Mixed feelings about this.
    I love we will finally see a complete reprint of Operator #5. Don’t think I’ll get that hardback collection of the Purple Wars. Already have the series from when High Adventure reprinted it, and if I’m going to get those stories again would rather have it as part of the overall reprint of Op#5.

    As to the Spider. This will be the 5th or 6th attempt to reprint it. Sad this will mean the end of Sanctum’s work on it. Now, if you can get Black Dog Books to reprint Bob Sampson’s book on the Spider, that will be great. Maybe you can also do a good reprint of Nick Carr’s reference book on Operator #5 like you did for the Secret Agent X one.

    I do look forward to the new Spider & Operator #5 stuff.


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