An Introduction

My fascination with pulps began in the mid 1940s with my love for comic books, radio drama, and Saturday Matinee serials. As a young boy living in Wichita Falls, Texas, I was surrounded by theaters, bookracks and, of course, our family radio. It was during the time soldiers were returning from Europe to their hometowns, and the train depot was half a block from our apartment. I would often visit when trains arrived, and saw the men in uniforms, and knew they were heroes. This was what the pulps also offered. I guess I was a hero worshiper from a very early age. I loved the Batman comics, the Superman serial, and The Shadow on radio. The character pulps were a natural evolution.

I have had a long life, and a long love affair with the pulps. Doc Savage and The Shadow will always remain my favorite series, though I have read all the rest, and hold all of the hero characters deep to my heart.

I hope there is some knowledge I can pass on to others, but if I leave behind a legacy of my feelings for the fiction of a better time for tomorrow’s generation, then I have done something useful with my life.

Welcome to the new Altus Press

September 24, 2008