Detective Book Magazine (Summer 1943) or “Seduction of the Innocent”

DETECTIVE BOOK MAGAZINE – Summer 1943 sold on eBay in December for $35.80

DETECTIVE BOOK - Summer 1943
DETECTIVE BOOK – Summer 1943

Authors: “Drawn Conclusion” is a 101 page story by Willetta A. Barber and R. F. Schabelitz who never had another story appear in the Pulp. It appears from the FictionMags index entre to have appeared in book form from Doubleday 1942; 


“Black Market Pay-Off” by William Campbell Gault;

 “The Demon Finds a Body” is a first appearance story,
of 3, of some character called “Demon” Ames by Stewart
Sterling (pseudonym of Prentice Winchell).


“Shows light edge and corner wear (more so on the right edge overhang), an abrasion on the spine (cover side) about 3″ down from the top, and a bit of tearing on the bottom of the spine. High grade for these highly fragile pulps.” Just a great Pulp cover and condition.

So why is this deemed Post-worthy ?

Jungle Comics #98 Feb. 1948 Do you see it ??? Supposedly a young teen can !
Jungle Comics #98 Feb. 1948
Do you see it ??? Supposedly a young teen can !

You may have heard about Dr. Fredric Werthams’  (and) “Seduction of the Innocent” censorship book (1954) and his ‘theory’ about the evils of comic books (and brief mention of Pulps) on juveniles. There is also mention of his “pictures within pictures” for “those who know how to look,” that artist “placed” within their work.

Jungle Comics #98 Feb. 1948 close up
Jungle Comics #98 Feb. 1948 close up

As if the artist had that amount of extra time, and kids then looked for them like some kind of perverse artistic jigsaw puzzle. A main example to the left.

Now if a (male) child, in the repressed era of the 40’s and ’50’s, actually went searching for a vigina in the artwork they would have no idea what one looked like in order to find one (no Sex Education in schools).
Well, here’s an unknown Pulp example:

What the heck was George Gross doing with the thumb on the cover painting of DETECTIVE BOOK MAGAZINE – Summer 1943 ???

 George Gross
George Gross

DETECTIVE BOOK - Summer 1943 (Fallic symbol ?)

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