Hello Steeger Books

TLDR: Altus Press isn’t going anywhere, but steegerbooks.com is the place to order the books & keep up with new pulp reprint publications.

Welcome to the new home of what was (for many years) AltusPress.com. Hopefully you’ve found your way here from redirects from altuspress.com… if so, please update your bookmarks.

Why the change?

Well, there are a few reasons. Several years ago, Altus Press was acquired by Steeger Properties, LLC, and there has been some degree of confusion in regards to the relationship between the two, such as on invoices sent from the website, on credit card charges, etc.

For the last couple of years, altuspress.com has sold other publishers’ books, in addition to its own. To make things more confounding, Steeger Properties also had its own imprints for certain publications. In the end, it made for more questions when things should’ve been made much easier to understand.

Now, all of Steeger Properties’ imprints have been grouped together under one pulp fiction superstore, steegerbooks.com. We’ve made it very clear how to navigate these imprints on this new site. More on this below.

The Altus Press imprint will live on and will be used on several book series, so it’s not disappearing. For example, the Altus Press name and logo shall continue to be used on Will Murray’s forthcoming Wild Adventures of Tarzan, and any new Spider and Doc Savage novels which Will pens.

The new website

We’ve heeded the suggestions that customers of Altus Press have supplied us to improve their shopping experience: this new site has a prominent search option at the top of every page. We’ve added additional options to browse books by author or illustrator, by series, and by imprint. It will now be easy to find many more related titles each time your start browsing our store.

In the near future, you’ll be able to peruse older titles’ front and back covers, and you’ll be able to preview their interiors, to give you a good look at the books’ contents.

While some of the these features will only be enabled for newer titles, we’ll be going back & adding them to older books too.

In addition to picking up the pace on new ebook releases, we’ll also be gradually releasing a new line of electronic pulp titles. More on these in the near future.

I’m a long-time Altus Press customer: what do I need to do?

Nothing! Your altuspress.com login should work seamlessly on steegerbooks.com, and you’ll be able to see your older purchases, edit your account details, etc. In addition, we’ll be adding a Wishlist feature in order to save and share pulp releases. We’re also beefing up the customer service sections of our website. We want to make this the place to go in order to get your pulp fiction publications and to remove as much hassle from the process as possible.

Please let us know via our Contact page if there are any broken elements on the site, what you think of our redesign, and what we can improve.

The Altus Press quality our books are known for will only improve going forward. Thanks for your continued support!

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