Four New Pulp Fiction Ebooks Added to the Altus Press Store

We’ve brought out ebook versions of four of our more recent pulp fiction book releases… when you buy these from us, you’ll get a .zip file containing the book in both .epub and .mobi formats, so you’ll have no problem opening them on your favorite e-reader.

Tales of the Werewolf ClanTales of the Werewolf Clan
by H. Warner Munn and John Munn

H. Warner Munn was a New England Native and was born in Athol, Massachusetts to parents who were both writers and artists. He finished his career in Tacoma, Washington where he wrote his stories and poetry in the attic above his home.

The Werewolf Clan saga began with a letter written by H.P. Lovecraft to Weird Tales Magazine. “Take a werewolf story, for instance—Who ever wrote a story from the point of view of the wolf, and sympathizing strong with the devil to whom he had sold himself?”

This epic story, sprawling over the centuries, begins with Wladislaw Brenryk of Ponkert, Poland and culminates with tales told by what could be the last descendant of the Werewolf Clan.

Discover the first Werewolf story written from the wolf’s point of view in this collected volume of Tales of the Werewolf Clan, including the original stories published in Weird Tales, The Werewolf of Ponkert, The Werewolf’s Daughter and Ten Tales of the Werewolf Clan (Volumes One & Two).

It’s a journey you will never forget.

324 pages / $22.45 softcover / $34.95 hardcover / $4.99 ebook

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Mavericks: Longriders of the West, Volume 1Mavericks: Longriders of the West, Volume 1
by Tom Mount and Will Murray

Meet the five Mavericks—Lance Clayton, Doc Grimson, Charlie Parr, Lockjaw Johnson, and Flint Maddox… They were wanted men, those five hard-riding travelers of the still night trails… Mavericks all, they had entered outlawry for five different reasons, drawn irresistibly down the Owlhoot Trail from five different walks of rangeland life. They became one living inseparable unit of grim, uncompromising justice, united as one man by their friendship, their burning championship of the underdog—and the high, white flame of their courage…. Collecting first two stories: “Five Against the Law” and “Mesquite Manhunters.”

265 pages / $17.95 softcover / $29.95 hardcover / $4.99 ebook

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In the Grip of the Griffin: The Complete Battles of Gordon Manning & The Griffin, Volume 3In the Grip of the Griffin: The Complete Battles of Gordon Manning & The Griffin, Volume 3
by J. Allan Dunn

The end of the saga! Running for 31 installments, this is one of the classic sagas from the pages of Detective Fiction Weekly featuring master criminal The Griffin and his war on America. Written by one of the most colorful authors of pulpdom, Volume 3 contains the final 10 stories of the series.

282 pages / $17.96 softcover / $29.95 hardcover / $4.99 ebook

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Kid Calvert: The Complete SeriesKid Calvert: The Complete Series
by Clint Douglas, Phil Richards, and Will Murray

The forgotten Hero pulp! Created to compliment fellow Ace Publications hero characters such as Secret Agent “X,” Captain Hazzard, and The Griffon, Kid Calvert has remained forgotten, undiscovered by pulp scholars for 80 years.

Now—for the first time—Will Murray reintroduces the character who just may have been intended to be Ace’s flagship property. This volume collects all five Kid Calvert yarns, along with historical notes by Murray himself.

See for yourself why Ace thought so much of the Kid!

317 pages / $17.97 softcover / $29.95 hardcover / $4.99 ebook

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