Friday night auction

Just got back from the Hamilton. auction, where many deals could be found. The highlights of the auction went cheaper than I expected: the Baumhoffer painting got $3500, and the Canadian Shadow #1 went for $1000. Overall, I’d say most lots went for roughly $100-200. The Hamilton art was sold for roughly $100-200 for b&w, color paintings for $200-500. Surprisingly, the nice-looking Canadian Doc Savage #1 went for $240.

I won the auction I needed to win; the 7 issues of Doc from 1933, which means I’ve now completed the Doc Savage pulp collection. And I picked up a small lot at the end of random pulps. I was surprised to find one of the books in that lot was signed on the cover by Baumhoffer!

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May 2, 2009

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May 2, 2009