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As the year winds down, we’re frantically trying to wrap up several near-complete titles… one of which I’ve been toiling over for more than two years now!

The first of which is The Pulp Adventures of The Hooded Detective, which collects for the first time all three pulp stories as published by Columbia in 1941-42. Until recently, this was supposed to be titled “The Pulp Adventures of The Black Hood,” but I recently learned that the Archive comic-book version of the character was being exhumed from the mothballs again, once again licenced by DC. So to stress that there’s a difference, this book has been slightly retitled. This is not a big deal, as I suppose we’re experiencing what Columbia did when these were originally published… at the time, Red Hood Detective and Black Mask were on the stands, which led to the title change to Hooded Detective.

So both hard- and soft-cover versions of this book are now available via Lulu, and I’ll be adding proper updates to this site shortly. And it will also be available via Amazon soon (as well as any bookstore, if you’re so inclined).

Speaking of Amazon, one of the reasons we’ve not cranked out new titles at our typical torrid pace is that we’ve been working to get our older titles onto Amazon. This allows our books to have an ISBN number, thus allowing them to be available for purchase in any bookstore. These are nice-looking, professional works which deserve a wider audience. So in about two weeks, nearly all of our Altus Press titles will be available there as well as Lulu. Note the books look nearly identical from both companies, so pick your poison. Unfortunately, we’re only able to offer our limited edition hardcovers via Lulu only. But hey, if they were on Amazon as well, that wouldn’t be too “limited.”

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