More E-books Available

As promised, we wanted to give you a heads-up on when we’ve added new e-books to our lineup.

Below is a list of all the e-books we currently have available on the site:

Recently, we received a few questions regarding our plans for e-books. Yes, we’ve got a heap more titles coming soon… the next wave includes the following:

  • The Cobra: King of Detectives
  • The Complete Adventures of the Griffon, Volume 1
  • The Man in Purple
  • Riding the Pulp Trail
  • The Weird Adventures of the Purple Scar
  • Hell on Friday: The Johnny Saxon Trilogy
  • The Complete Adventures of Senorita Scorpion, Volume 1
  • The Black Bat Omnibus, Volume 1

Also, we’ve been asked about specific titles and when they’ll be available. We’d like to have all of our titles available as e-books. Some may have legal issues which would prevent us from doing so. I can’t think of any examples at present, but the possibility exists. But a bigger concern is related to just how the interior of some of our books are laid out. Image-heavy layouts will have to be stripped of those images. In the case of interior spot illustrations, this isn’t a big deal. But if the text relies on the images, this would pose an issue.

However, the biggest concern are tables. Two of our more recent titles, Writings in Bronze and The Black Bat Companion, contain complicated tabular data that wouldn’t survive in e-book form. It’s almost a certainty these would have to be omitted from the e-books. While this isn’t a big deal in some cases, it will be in the case of The Black Bat Companion: it contains a 60 page-long table of Norman Daniels’ pay records, and 100 pages of comic book stories. Removing these would really strip an otherwise robust book of a lot of its value.

So we’ll continue to strive to put out e-books at a steady pace, in between releases of all new reprint collections.

E-Books are Here!

October 30, 2011

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October 30, 2011