New Altus Press Releases for December 2, 2016

These highly-anticipated books are now available from But hurry: both are discounted for a limited time.

The Snarl of the Beast: The Collected Hard-Boiled Stories of Race Williams, Volume 2The Snarl of the Beast: The Collected Hard-Boiled Stories of Race Williams, Volume 2

by Carroll John Daly

introduction by Brooks E. Hefner, cover photograph by Mark Krajnak

Race Williams returns! Originally appearing in the pages of Black Mask Magazine, author Carroll John Daly pioneered the hard-boiled detective P.I. story and perfected the genre with his classic character, Race Williams. Apart from the novel-length Race Williams stories, these classic hard-boiled thrillers have rarely been reprinted, if ever.

Volume 2 contains the next batch of Race Williams stories, all from 1927–29 as Daly broke the mold of Black Mask by running serialized novels in the pages of that important magazine. Included here are “The Snarl of the Beast,” “The Egyptian Lure,” “The Hidden Hand,” and “The Tag Murders.”

Additional editorial pieces are also included: Daly’s own “Putting Over a Detective Novel” was written to explain his working process while writing “The Snarl of the Beast.” And it’s prefaced by an all-new, scholarly introduction by Professor Brooks E. Hefner of James Madison University.

The Snarl of the Beast: The Collected Hard-Boiled Stories of Race Williams Volume 2 continues this most important series published in years on the history of the Hard-Boiled Detective story.

483 pages / $29.95 softcover

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The Life of Pinky Jenkins, Volume 1The Life of Pinky Jenkins, Volume 1 (The H. Bedford-Jones Library)

by H. Bedford-Jones

One of the best series ever published in the pulps was written by the prolific H. Bedford-Jones, author of hundreds of stories totaling an estimated 25 millions words.

Thomas Jasper “Pinky” Jenkins, a drunk and corrupt sheriff accompanied by his deputy Parker, shot his way through nearly a score of comedy/Western stories from the 1920s. Volume 1 includes four recently-discovered Jenkins stories by Bedford-Jones which were published under a pseudonym.

The Pinky Jenkins series may be the only series of its kind written by The King of the Pulps, and considered one of his best by Bedford-Jones aficionados.

256 pages / $19.95 softcover / $29.95 hardcover

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"The Woman's Picture" By Gordon Ray Young (The Cavalier - March 22, 1913)

December 2, 2016

The Dime Detective Library, Series 3, is Now Available

December 2, 2016