New Paul Powers News

We’ll be publishing a collection of Paul Powers Western stories early in 2011, and if you’re eagerly anticipating that, then you’ll want to know about a couple of other Paul Powers-related things.

First, a brand-new Powers story, “An Embrace at Bell Chapel” posted at Laurie’s Wild West today! Check it out.

Secondly, Laurie has announced a new contest. Here are the details:

The Pulp Writer / Out West contest begins today!! Here are the rules for the Pulp Writer / Out West contest:

  1. Every Monday for four weeks, starting November 1, 2010, a CLUE will be posted HERE (shown below) at You need to figure out what the prize is based on that clue. The PRIZE is located somewhere at the OutWest Western Boutique and Cultural Center Web site Online Store – it’s up to you to find it!
  2. Take the clue and go to the OutWest online store ( and find the prize based on the clue. (Don’t worry, the clue will be very easy and we won’t make you search every single page of the OutWest store – we’ll give you a hint as to what pages to go to.)
  3. When you find the correct prize, there will be a notice posted on that page that says, “Congratulations! You have found the prize for the Pulp Writer contest.”
  4. You will need to then EMAIL me at with the name of the prize AND the item number from the OutWest online store. PLEASE LIST YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, AND SHIPPING ADDRESS (P.O. BOX is ok).
  5. You will have until Friday of that week, at 5 PM Pacific, to submit your answer.
  6. On the next day, Saturday, I will take the names of ALL of those who submitted the correct answer to and pick a name at random. That person wins the Prize.
  7. I will notify that person by email AND their name will be posted on the OutWest Web site as well as the site. Please note that your name will be posted on these Web sites and may also be posted on our Facebook pages and blogs.

GOT IT? Any questions should be sent to


This cowboy hero had his own radio show and rode a horse named Silver. He also had his own pulp fiction magazine.

Location: This prize is listed on one of the OutWest DVD pages.

You have until Friday, November 5, 2010 at 5 PM Pacific to submit your entry.

Remember! I need:

The name of the prize

The Catalog # as shown on the prize’s page

Your FIRST and LAST name and your shipping address (P.O. Box is OK).


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