New Releases From Altus Press: August 16, 2016

Time for another batch of new releases from Altus Press, your source for the best pulp publications available. Here is what’s available as of this week:


Super-Detective Jim Anthony: The Complete Series Volume 3Super-Detective Jim Anthony: The Complete Series Volume 3

by Victor Rousseau

The complete reprinting of the greatest of the Doc Savage pastiches continues! Volume Three of contains the next three adventures of Jim Anthony: “Murder Syndicate,” “The Horrible Marionettes,” and “Border Napoleon.” This volume also includes editor notes and correspondence.

353 pages | $19.95 softcover | $29.95 hardcover

Ki-Gor: The Complete Series Volume 3Ki-Gor: The Complete Series Volume 3

by John Peter Drummond, introduction by Howard Andrew Jones

For the first time, the Ki-Gor series from the pages of Jungle Stories is collected, complete, uncut and in order! Volume 3 includes the next four stories: “Tigress of T’wanbi” (Winter 1941-42), “Slaves for the Renegade Sultan” (Spring 1942), “Blood Priestess of Vig’Na” (Summer 1942), and “The Cannibal Horde” (Fall 1942).

318 pages | $24.95 softcover | $34.95 hardcover

The Black Bat Omnibus, Volume 5The Black Bat Omnibus Volume 5

by Norvell W. Page and Norman A. Daniels

Pulp hero the Black Bat returns! This collection contains the next three adventures of the Black Bat: “The Black Bat’s Summons,” “The Black Bat’s Invisible Enemy,” and “The Voice of Doom,” uncut and restored with the original illustrations. Featuring a story by long-time Spider author, Norvell W. Page, it’s the next volume of the complete reprinting of the series.

339 pages | $19.95 softcover | $29.95 hardcover

The Complete Tales of Koropok by Sidney Herschel SmallThe Complete Tales of Koropok (Deluxe Edition)

by Sidney Herschel Small

Limited hardcover edition of 50 copies. Comes with eBook versions of all the stories.

One of the best series from the twilight of Adventure Magazine’s run, this 11-story saga of an American undercover agent in the Far East during World War II has been sadly neglected for 75 years. But no longer! This Comprehensive set also includes over 100 illustrations by master pulp illustrators Hamilton Greene and Frank Kramer. This limited, deluxe edition collects them all! Plus: purchase of this deluxe edition entitles you to free eBook versions of these stories.

306 pages | $75.00 deluxe hardcover

cardigandeluxe1The Complete Cases of Cardigan (2 Volume Deluxe Edition)

by Frederick Nebel

Limited hardcover edition of 50 copies. Comes with eBook versions of all the stories.

Frederick Nebel’s unforgettable character Jack Cardigan was one of the main reasons behind the success of the legendary Dime Detective Magazine. His hard-boiled P.I. stories were a major influence to other writers of the era, yet only a handful have been reprinted since their original 44-story run eighty years ago. This deluxe two-volume contains the entire series of 44 stories, complete and uncut, with an introduction by Will Murray and the original illustrations by John Fleming Gould.

698 pages | $140.00 deluxe hardcovers

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