New Releases From Altus Press: July 26, 2016

We’re back from the always-enjoyable Pulpfest convention, and it was fantastic to meet so many fans of Altus Press!

As always, we premiere a number of new releases exclusively with Mike Chomko, Books, at Pulpfest. The convention has come and gone, and now it’s time to make them available everywhere else. Here’s the first batch:

The Mysterious Wu Fang #1: The Case of the Six CoffinsThe Mysterious Wu Fang #1: The Case of the Six Coffins

By Robert J. Hogan

“There is one Val Kildare, government agent. It is my wish that he die the most painful death in our power to inflict.” From an underground room in Limehouse this order was given. And now, across the Atlantic, sped a murder cargo to wipe out the only man who stood between Wu Fang, Emperor of Crime, and his conquest of the world!

201 pages | $12.95 softcover

Yen Sin #1: The Mystery of the Dragon’s ShadowYen Sin #1: The Mystery of the Dragon’s Shadow

By Donald E. Keyhoe

Out of the teeming turbulent East had come Dr. Yen Sin—saff­ron-skinned wizard of crime—bringing to the capital of the West all the ancient Devil’s-lore at his command—and a horde of Asian Hell-born to help him spawn it. But Michael Traile—The Man Who Never Slept—had crammed into his own keen brain the means to cope with the sinister doctor. For he knew even the secrets of the Dragon’s Shadow and how to penetrate the yellow murder fog that had descended on the capital to mingle its blood-wisps with the mist from the Potomac.

152 pages | $12.95 softcover

Invitation to a Crime: Further Adventures of Denis Burke by H. Bedford-JonesInvitation to a Crime: Further Adventures of Denis Burke

by H. Bedford-Jones

Operating out of Morocco, American profiteer Denis Burke encounters business opportunities fraught with political intrigue, shady underworld characters, double-crossing associates, and devious women—all while trying not to run afoul of the law. Burke must dodge his ever-watchful nemesis, Inspector Crepin, who has vowed to expel him from the country—or better yet—put him behind bars. A never before reprinted series by the King of the Pulps, H. Bedford-Jones.

132 pages | $14.95 softcover | $29.95 hardcover

Gimlet Eye Gunn by H. Bedford-JonesGimlet Eye Gunn

by H. Bedford-Jones

Peter Larsen knew well enough that air personnel had often been forced to land on remote tropical islands. But he hadn’t thought of any of them as being haunted islands.

A classic that once appeared in Weird Tales, it’s now part of The H. Bedford-Jones Library.

80 pages | $9.95 softcover | $29.95 hardcover


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  1. Hey Matt,
    Great to see you as always…if you could bring a xxl black mask and a xxl short stories and a xxl argosy and a xxl (surprise me!) to Bordentown that would be cool!! See you at Walker’s

  2. Will there be a Blacķ Bat shirt?

    1. Hi Alison, we didn’t have plans for it as there’s not an official logo for the Black Bat. But would you consider one using the logo from our Black Bat Omnibus books?

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