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It’s been a few months since my last Post, so I thought I’d better write something on the Blog or I might forget how. At my age memory slips occasionally and believe me, it’s not as simple as getting back on a bike after falling off! However, there are a few items I need to mention this time.

Earlier this year Altus Press released Triple Detective #3, and from what I hear it’s another good issue. Unfortunately, it’s all Tom Johnson this time around. I had invited a couple of friends to contribute stories for the volume, but they were busy with other projects so I ended up writing all three stories: “The Black Bat’s War”, “The Eyes of Satan”, and “Dark Street of Doom”. I believe the book is only $14.95, plus postage, so is a real bargain for books this size. Plus, Altus Press packages their books beautifully, and looks great on your shelf.

NTD has also just released my SF novel, “Pangaea: Eden’s Children”, the sequel to last year’s “Pangaea: Eden’s Planet”. This series is in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs. The first adventure was set in the Permian Period, sixty million years before the rise of the dinosaurs, while “Eden’s Children” takes place in the Jurassic Period. The sequel is priced at $13.95, plus postage, and can be ordered from NTD’s website. It will be a few months yet before the distribution people have the book on Amazon, but it’s coming. All of NTD’s books have been picked up by Filament Book Club, and electronic versions are available through their website.

I think the big news that everyone is waiting to hear about, is the soon to be released Phantom Detective study from Altus Press. “The Phantom Detective Companion” was originally published in the 1990s under the Fading Shadows imprint, listing synopsis of all the stories, and the possible authors. This old book has been updated by Altus Press, with lots of new material, including the Phantom Detective comics from Thrilling Comics, and a couple Phantom Detective proposals that never made it to the series. Will Murray joined me in digging into the hidden authors of the series, and I think everyone will be surprised at some of their identities. No price or release date has been set yet, but watch for more information on Altus Press and Bill Thom’s Coming Attractions.

I also want to mention a couple of my Yahoo Groups while I have your attention. My author’s Site is Tom Johnson’s Jur at:

I also have a Site devoted to 1960s paperback collecting at Action Sixties:

Another Site that might be of interest is SF Digest Mags at:

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  1. Am really looking forward to the Phantom Detective Companion. I never got the original edition from FS.

    I’ve been watching Thom’s Coming Attractions, and am really looking forward to several upcoming books from Altus Press:

    * Phantom Detective Companion
    * Secret Six collection
    * Doctor Death 2 volume collection

    Am really wanting the Secret 6 and Doctor Death collections. I have the 3rd & 4th Secret 6 novels, but have held off reading until I could get the first 2. I have one of the Corinth reprint of Doctor Death, and one or two of the ‘unpublished novels’, but again, held off reading them until I had them all.

    I have heard of 2 more books coming out that I look forward to:

    * Jim Anthony v1
    * Alias Mr Death

    I have yet to read ANY Jim Anthony stories. I have a recent reprint of the 1st story (reprinted with some other Doc clones) ordered, but it has yet to arrive. I don’t want to read the 2nd and 3rd novels that I have until I get the first one as the first 3 all have Anthony going up against the same villian. Not certain about ‘Alias Mr Death’, as I’m not that familiar with that character, so its on my list, but not a high priority.

    I am hoping you guys continue with the Secret Agent X collections. While I have yet to get the first 2 ($30 a pop is a little off putting, when I can get 2-3 books for that much), I do want to get them.

  2. Well, I see from Thom’s Coming Attractions that SOME of these are coming soon. No word there on Dr Death or the Phantom Detective Companion.

    • Both are still being proofed. We don’t want any typos creeping in. Cobra and Secret 6 were just green-lit for Amazon. Should be up in a few days-2 weeks. That’s the range past books have taken to appear for sale.


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