November Altus Press Titles Released

We’ve got another batch of titles ready for purchase at Let’s take a look:

The Complete Adventures of Armless O'NeilThe Complete Adventures of Armless O’Neil (Deluxe Edition) – $75.00

by Dan Cushman
introduction by James Reasoner, with an interview with Dan Cushman
Limited hardcover edition. Comes with eBook versions of all the stories.
One of Dan Cushman’s best-written series, the exotic locale hard-boiled adventures of Armless O’Neil are finally collected in one edition, from 1945–53 issues of Jungle Stories and Action Stories: “Seekers of the Glittering Fetish,” “Black Mahogany,” “Jackal Kill,” “Five Suns to Angola!,” “Dread Safari,” “Blood-Spoor of the Devil-Stones,” “Witch-Queen of the Voodoo Drums,” “The Black Assegai,” “Dagger of Thebes,” “Yellow Eyes of Voodoo,” “Swamp Fetish,” and “Escape From Zumongo.” This limited, deluxe edition collects them all! Plus: purchase of this deluxe edition entitles you to free eBook versions of these stories.

The Complete Adventures of Señorita Scorpion (Deluxe Edition) – $75.00

by Les Savage, Jr., with Emmett McDowell
introduction and afterword by Will Murray
Limited hardcover edition. Comes with eBook versions of all the stories.

Taken from their original appearances in Action Stories from 1944–49, this book collects all of the adventures of Señorita Scorpion: “Señorita Scorpion,” “The Brand of Señorita Scorpion,” “Secret of Santiago,” “The Curse of Montezuma,” “Brand of the Gallows-Ghost,” “Lash of the Six-Gun Queen,” “Gun-Witch of Hoodoo Range” and “The Sting of Señorita Scorpion,” along with articles by pulp historian Will Murray. Plus: purchase of this deluxe edition entitles you to free eBook versions of these stories.

The Complete Cases of Captain Satan (Deluxe Edition) – $75.00

by William O’Sullivan
Limited hardcover edition. Comes with eBook versions of all the stories.
The complete series… back in print after 75 years! Join The mysterious Captain Satan and his private army as they battle one of pulpdom’s most insidious rogues galleries! Commanding high prices on the vintage pulp market, this limited, deluxe edition collects all five stories: “The Mask of the Damned,” “Parole for the Dead,” “The Dead Man Express,” “A Ghost Rides the Dawn,” and “The Ambassador From Hell.” Plus: purchase of this deluxe edition entitles you to free eBook versions of these stories.

Mavericks: Longriders of the West, Volume 1 – $17.96–$29.95

by Tom Mount
introduction by Will Murray
Meet the five Mavericks—Lance Clayton, Doc Grimson, Charlie Parr, Lockjaw Johnson, and Flint Maddox… They were wanted men, those five hard-riding travelers of the still night trails… Mavericks all, they had entered outlawry for five different reasons, drawn irresistibly down the Owlhoot Trail from five different walks of rangeland life. They became one living inseparable unit of grim, uncompromising justice, united as one man by their friendship, their burning championship of the underdog—and the high, white flame of their courage…. Collecting first two stories: “Five Against the Law” and “Mesquite Manhunters.”

Day of Doom: The Complete Battles of Gordon Manning & The Griffin, Volume 2 – $17.96–$29.95

by J. Allan Dunn
The Griffin returns! Running for 31 installments, this is one of the classic sagas from the pages of Detective Fiction Weekly featuring master criminal The Griffin and his war on America. Written by one of the most colorful authors of pulpdom, Volume 2 contains the next 10 stories of the series, uncut, and with all the original images.

Black Drums Talking: The Complete Tales of Kingi Bwana, Volume 3 – $17.96–$29.95

by Gordon MacCreagh
“Anything can happen in Africa!”—that’s the credo of big game hunter, trader and safari guide King, known all over the Dark Continent as Kingi Bwana. Together with his two loyal companions, the deadly Masai warrior Barounggo and the wizened, cunning Hottentot Kaffa, the stoic American battles slave traders, ivory poachers, gold smugglers, arms traffickers, evil witch doctors and secret societies in the savanna and jungle of Central East Africa. Contains the next three stories in the series: “Black Drums Talking,” “Wardens of the Big Game,” and “Raiders of the Abyssinia.”

The Complete Cases of Keyhole Kerry, Volume 1 – $17.96–$29.95

by Frederick C. Davis
introduction by Ed Hulse
Big-city residents on both sides of the law regard him with equal measures of fear and reticence. They know that whatever they’re doing, right or wrong, will sooner or later come to the attention of Guy “Keyhole” Kerry, a wise-cracking, hard-charging journalist who knows all and tells most of it. Kerry’s profession brings him into contact with all kinds of people, and the law of averages guarantees that some of them are better left alone. But Keyhole Kerry will risk anything for a scoop, even if it means becoming embroiled in murder mysteries and making himself a target. This relatively brief series (eight late Thirties entries) was written for Dime Detective by Frederick C. Davis, a tireless pulp scribe who sold more yarns to the magazine—73 in all—than any other contributor save T.T. Flynn. With a half-dozen recurring characters in this one rough-paper periodical, Davis was one of the many talented contributors who made Dime Detective a prestigious crime pulp second only to the legendary Black Mask in its impact on the genre.

Abel Smith of Nantucket – $13.45–$29.95

by H. Bedford-Jones
Two months after the United States flag had been raised on the Pacific coast, there arrived young Abel Smith of Nantucket—a Yankee adventurer in the New West. Never before reprinted, it’s another volume in the Uniform H. Bedford-Jones Library.

Bellegarde – $17.96–$29.95

by H. Bedford-Jones
The King’s Pardon: Neither the assassins in his path nor the warnings of that mysterious girl could stay the mission of the man France was to know as Bellegarde. Part of the Uniform H. Bedford-Jones Library.

Texas Shall Be Free! – $16.15–$29.95

by H. Bedford-Jones
Fighting Santa Ana for the Lone Star State! The fantastic sequel to H. Bedford-Jones’s novel Bowie Knife. Gordon Durant had two missions in Texas—to carry a message to the defenders of the Alamo—and to kill his brother!

Bowie Knife – $16.15–$29.95

by H. Bedford-Jones
Bowie and the Alamo! “On to Texas!” was the cry along the open trail which led to silver mines, slaves, acres of free land—and war! Never before reprinted, it’s part of the Uniform H. Bedford-Jones Library.

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