Pulps Pricings Sales Census: Popular Magazine (Nov. 1903) First Issue

POPULAR MAGAZINE – Nov. 1903 (First Issue) sold recently on eBay for $214.27

POPULAR MAGAZINE - Nov. 1903 (First Issue)
POPULAR MAGAZINE – Nov. 1903 (First Issue)

First issue of 612 of Street & Smith’s 28 year run Pulp.

Munsey had ARGOSY in 1896. In 1903 POPULAR became it’s first rival, and the second Pulp title (ALL-STORY MAGAZINE by Street & Smith began in 1905).

Authors: “The Rockspur Eleven” (Part 1 of 2) by William Gilbert Patten. Patten, better known by the pseudonym Burt L. Standish , managed to make it into this first issue with the 53 page lead story, such was his popularity still at this time.
After December’s 22 page second part the “Rockspur” team wouldn’t reappear until POPULAR MAGAZINE 1906 (Aug. – Dec.) in the 6 part serial “The Rockspur Nine” as by Burt L. Standish. They would come back with a further 7 series of stories in 1926 to 1927 in Street & Smith’s SPORT STORY MAGAZINE, always the lead story.
After 20 years it’s amazing the Gilbert Patten still remembered writing the first 2 stories.
“The Parchment of Mystery” by W. Bert Foster (who did 10 stories from 1922-1927 of “Homer Stillton” in ACE-HIGH MAGAZINE)
“…in an unrestored complete well read FAIR/GOOD with no missing pieces other than shown in scans, no tape and brown paper.
I’m thinning out my collection which I have amassed over the last 20 years and I collected based on condition and/or rarity so if you are a high grade collector you won’t be disappointed.”
Bookery says: “Scarce” $60.00 – $150.00 – $300.00
ENJOY PULPS – David Lee Smith

(as for the cover, well who needs a helmet for football anyway ? HaHa)

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