Pulpcon 2.0

Thanks to the work of Mike Chomko and a handful of others, a new Pulpcon is coming in 2009. This is a good thing. While I’ve never attended a Pulpcon, I am looking forward to this one, now that it will be run right.

I’ve thought about attening other, earlier Pulpcons. But there was always an elephant in the room whenever the subject was brought up… It was apparent that no one liked what the convention had become. And it was clear to me that if I did attend, I’d be treapassing in the “old boy’s club.” I’m positive that many people there would welcome any new faces, but after hearing how seemingly miserable the 2008 Pulpcon was, I am looking forward to seeing the show done right once again. I’m too young to have attended Pulpcon when guests like Walter Gibson, Steeger & the like. But I think this new generation of the con could be the first step in getting back there.

I do hope that this new show retains certain things. I’d like to see the auction brought over. An award like the Lamont would be nice as well… Perhaps several could be given out each year. The San Diego Comicon has several categories each year for their awards. There’s plenty to recognize in the field, especially with all the new product available now. Let’s lose the OTR stuff though. Is this really a highlight of the show?

Once things become clearer, I do hope to attend the show. There’s much more to see in Columbus anyway.

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September 29, 2008

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September 29, 2008