Pulps Pricings Sales Census: Smashing Novels Magazine (July 1936)

SMASHING NOVELS MAGAZINE – July 1936 recently sold on eBay for $87.76SMASHING NOVELS MAGAZINE - July 1936

Authors: “The Paper Tiger” by Arthur J. Burks;
“Wild Horse Valley” by Alan M. Emley (pseudonym of Alan Lemay);
“The Phantom of Forgotten River” by W. Ryerson Johnson;
“The Eighteenth Leap” by Vingie E. Roe (reprinted from EVERYBODY’S MAGAZINE – March 1921)

“…in an unrestored glossy FINE with no missing pieces, no tape and off-white paper.
Signed by W. Ryerson Johnson on inside titles page as shown.
I’m thinning out my collection which I have amassed over the last 20 years and I collected based on condition and/or rarity so if you are a high grade collector you won’t be disappointed”

The note by the W. Ryerson Johnson autograph appears to say, “First novelette I ever sold.”
From the FictionMags Index, beginning in 1923 Johnson wrote many short stories, but up until July 1936 he had also managed to sell 5 longer novelette: “Deep Black” in  TOP-NOTCH MAGAZINE – Second Jan. 1930 (his 4th published story);
SMASHING NOVELS MAGAZINE - July 1936 (Signed title page)“Gondola Gold” in COWBOY STORIES – April 1934;
“Rodeo Bride” in WESTERN ROMANCES – April 1936;
“Gun Waif” in WESTERN ACES – June – 1936;
and “Guns for Hire” in  THRILLING RANCH STORIES – July 1936
(there were two DOC SAVAGE stories written also with Lester Dent)

Bookery says: “Scarce” $30.00 – $75.00 – $150.00

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