Pulps Pricings Sales Census: Westland Love Magazine (March 1934)

Westland Love Magazine – March 1934 recently sold on eBay for $174.26 3RD Issue of 5.

Authors: Howard E. Morgan, Myrtle Juliette Corey;


H. Ralph Goller (there’s a Ralph Goller who had only one other story in the equally Rare ZOOM – Aug./Sept. 1931);
Clyde Wilson (this is either one of the 2 Clyde Wilson’s in the FictionMags Index or a completely new one.
Clyde B. Wilson had 8 stories published in 1915, 1917-1919, 1927 and 1929 in the ‘big name’ titles: ARGOSY, BLUE BOOK, ALL-STORY WEEKLY, PEOPLE’S, COMPLETE STORIES, and finally in REAL DETECTIVE TALES AND MYSTERY STORIES.
Just Clyde Wilson had 3 published stories: 1931 WESTERN ROMANCES – May 1931 (I’m thinking he’s probably this one), 1938 THRILLING WONDER STORIES, and a 1942 WESTERN ACES.


“1931 vol 1 #3… all pages are attached to the binding over all in very nice condition top cover has crease”

Copies are so scarce that there are no cover images of ANY copy in Galactic Central; here is one finally.
Bookery says, “Rare” $20.00 – $50.00 – $100.00

I’d figure it’s in the $175.00 to $275.00 price range also for the true rarity of the title.

ENJOY PULPS – David Lee Smith

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