Seekay and Red Finger are Available!

Hey all-

Just wanted to let you all know that two new titles are ready & available for purchase in both hard- and softcover. You can now order The Casebook of Seekay and Other Prototypes of The Avenger as well as The Hand of Red Finger from this site.

And more title are coming shorty!

New Titles... the Sequel

March 25, 2010

Seekay is The Book Cave's Book of the Month for April!

March 25, 2010

9 Thoughts on Seekay and Red Finger are Available!

  1. Yeah!!! They are on my list.

    Oh, the description for Seekay has part of the writeup for Pulp Detectives in it.

  2. Dear Matt

    The two new books, Red Finger and Casebook of Seekay look great, will be ordering them soon!
    Any thoughts of republishing the old western hero The Masked Rider?
    I can lend you the 29 issues I have as well as the 7 to 8 paperbacks. Just let me know.
    Looking forward to the next books you publish.

  3. Don-

    You might want to chat with some other pulp publishers. Airship 27 just did a new collection of Masked Rider stories. Age of Adventure has done 2 reprints of classic pulp Western stories. They may be interesting in more.

  4. Fading Shadows reprinted about seven of the first series of Masked Rider stories, and I think these are still available; in the first series, he wore all black, plus a full face mask.

  5. Ok, I splurged and ordered these 2 books plus 3 other Altus Press titles: The Cobra, The Bat, and Alias Mr Death.

  6. I did a count, and when my Lulu order comes in, I will own 25 books from Altus Press.


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