Will Murray’s Pulp Superhero Index is up

You may have noticed that in the header of this site is a link to an index. This is no ordinary index. This is the latest version of Will Murray’s Pulp Superhero Index. It’s a fantastic reference for anyone looking to track down every appearance of a character, or perhaps you’re curious to see who wrote a given story. I’m telling you, this is probably my primary source for pulp information.

Well, A-Z have been added to the site. Look forward to seeing some visual changes to the layout soon.

Please enjoy this list and make use of it. And ask Will to publish the expanded version!


  1. Both Mr. Murray’s hero pulp timeline and this Index are amazingly useful items. Thank you.

    However, I am wondering why the Green Lama was left off this list…

  2. I’m glad to see Will’s index up, this is a big help to researchers. Will needs to look over my PD book again, and I think he will clear up several authors on the Phantom Detective listing. We might disagree on some of the authorship, though (lol). But, gosh, Will has done a tremendous amount of digging into these pulp authors, and his research is monumental.

  3. I didn’t know Tom Johnson had done a book on the Phantom Detective. Might we see this reprinted by Altus soon?

    Where is The Octopus/The Scorpion? Don’t see it on the list.

    1. Yes, Tom’s 72 (or so) page on the Phantom Detective was written in the mid 1980s. We are currently updating it, including other PD-related articles, PD comics, and (the special treat) two unpublished 1930s PD synopses, one of which has never seen the light of day. It’s still early, but the book is looking to clock in at around 350-380 pages.

      There’s also a companion Black Bat study (also by Tom) which will also receive the same treatment as the PD. Look for these this spring/summer.

  4. Oooh, good to hear.

    I was recently going thru my collection of pulp studies from various publishers (Tattered Pages Press- where did Doug Ellis go?, Golden Perils Press, and Fading Shadows [Tom Johnson]).

    Of the ones that Tom did, I have:
    Secret Agent X (reprinted by Altus)
    History of the Purple Wars (reprinted by Altus)
    The Black Bat
    The Green Ghost (also included articles on Black Hood & Captain Zero)
    From Shadow to Superman (focus on the Belmont Shadow)

    Since the printing was a bit primative (a step up from photocopies), I would certainly be willing to get updated and better published (including better pictures/artwork) of these and other works.

  5. Good news; we have plans for the Green Ghost, Black Hood, Captain Zero and the Belmont Shadow material. All of it and more will be reprinted soon.

  6. Hello Matt! My commercial radio and television sound studio’s walls are decorated with many Rudolph Belarski Phantom Detective cover reprints and two actual covers that I purchased on ebay and had professionally framed. Needless to say, I am quite interested in the Phantom Detective novels–might you tell me when Tom Johnson’s book will be available?

    Thanks so much-

    Bruce Anderson
    President & Production Manager
    FOX/CW/OKC Productions KOKH/KOCB Television
    The Bruce Anderson Project–Creative For Broadcast

    1. Hi Bruce-

      I’m working on it now. Will Murray and Tom Johnson are currently going through it to update any author credits which have become clearer to ID. It’s looking to be around 400 pages, believe it or not!

      I am jealous of your covers! Which ones do you have? I saw a PD cover at Windy City last year… very nice pieces.


      1. …and I just realized I didn’t answer you! I expect it to be out in a few months.


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