Alien Worlds V1

Alien Worlds
By Barbara Custer & Tom JohnsonPrice: $16.50

Barbara Custer and Tom Johnson team up to explore the possibilities of intergalactic adventure. The action and suspense in these stories will keep you turning the pages. Does intelligent life exist on other worlds? Some people believe that God didn’t create the vast universe just for humans. Are they gentle friendly beings, or are they monsters that prey on weaker species?
Custer explores heroic aliens bent on rescuing the human race, and evil aliens intending to destroy it. Humans will be in the crossfire! Brothers will also be at odds in their desire to save or destroy mankind.

Johnson gives us two views of the galactic frontier, with his Captain Danger, a superman of the future who keeps law and order among the spaceways, and a master thief, who operates as a future Robin Hood of the star systems.

Together, Custer & Johnson present their fantastic tales of SF in the first of several anthologies from NTD.
Now Available From NTD Will be available on Amazon and Kindle, and other Major Outlets soon.

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