Exciting Pulp Tales

EXCITING PULP TALES by Tom Johnson: Being proofed now, and coming soon from Altus Press. This sequel to 2010’s PULP DETECTIVES contains ten exciting pulp tales with the feel of the original writers of the 1930s and ‘40s. Many of the original characters return for the first time. The Angel Detective returns in “A Devil of A Case”; The Green Ghost returns in “The Case of The Blind Soldier”; The Cobra returns in “Curse of The Viper”; The Crimson Mask returns in “The Mask of Anubis”; Gentle Jones in “Nazis Over Washington”; The Purple Scar in “The Skull Killer”; Funny Face in “The Star of Africa”; and Alias Mr. Death in “Coffins of Death”. Next is a new jungle girl adventure, featuring the Jungle Queen in “Jungle Terror”, and Ki-Gor returns in a 30,000 word story, titled “Lost Valley of Ja Far”, which was previously written as a 15,000 word story for another publication. This volume comes in just under 400 pages. If you want your pulps original, these stories will fill the bill.

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January 1, 2011

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