Announcing All-New Doc Savage Novels!

BOSTON, MA—JUNE 14, 2011: Altus Press is excited to announce the launch of The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage, the first in a new series of blockbuster novels starring the legendary pulp superhero in nearly 20 years.

Written by prolific pulp writer Will Murray, who has won acclaim for his unequalled ten-year tenure ghostwriting Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir’s Destroyer action-adventure series, The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage is a continuation of the well-received Doc novels Murray wrote for Bantam Books back in the 1990s, along with the late Lester Dent. The posthumous collaborations will be published under time-honored byline, Kenneth Robeson.

“These new novels are kicked-up, over-the-top exploits of the Man of Bronze, pitting him against forces and foes never before encountered,” promises Murray. “This is not some comic book scripter’s concept of Doc Savage. It’s the real deal.”

Fully authorized by Condé Nast, trademark holder of Doc Savage and based upon unpublished outlines and manuscripts originally written by Lester Dent, the originating writer of the seminal Street & Smith superman, and licensed from the Heirs of Norma Dent, The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage begins with a searing story set in the summer of 1936, The Desert Demons!

“I’ve always had an uncanny knack of writing novels that are more topical when published than when I wrote them,” Murray revealed. “Witness Nick Fury; Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D: Empyre. Published in 2000, it reads like a blueprint for the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C., right down to the use of passenger aircraft piloted by terrorists to decimate U.S. cities.

“In The Desert Demons, a rash of unexplainable tornado-like outbreaks wreak havoc in California, calling Doc Savage and his men into action. And what action! Men and machinery are swallowed up by the scarlet cyclones, never to be seen again. Some chapters read like news reports of the Spring of 2011. Let’s hope we have a happy ending in real life! The entire Doc Savage cast is back for this reintroductory episode, including fan-favorite Patricia Savage.”

Murray also reunites with his other Doc Savage collaborator, award-winning artist and sculptor Joe DeVito, who will paint the covers from never-seen photographs of model Steve Holland, who posed for the best-selling James Bama covers as the living embodiment of the Man of Bronze. These vintage photos were donated to the project by Mr. Bama.

DeVito notes, “Working with Doc Savage again might best be described as revisiting old friends: both figuratively and literally. Collaborating with Will Murray, working from classic photos of the late Steve Holland provided by Jim Bama to illustrate the first super hero of them all… I guess I can also describe it as FUN!”

The Desert Demons will be released in July, followed by a second wild exploit, Horror In Gold, by late summer. Seven new novels are planned. Murray promises the familiar characters in their rightful time period, but with a definite edge to them.

“Since I wrote my last Bantam Books Doc,” Murray commented, “a lot of writers have taken a swing at the bronze man, and struck out. It was painful to watch. So Lester Dent and I have come out of semi-retirement to show everyone how Doc Savage is done. With the recent release of Python Isle, the first of my original seven Doc novels to be released as audiobooks by, I’m proclaiming this the Summer of Doc Savage. Doc is back. For real this time.”

The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage will be released in a variety of formats:

—6”x9” trade paperbacks which will be available to bookstores and comic shops everywhere, as well as to individual purchasers through the official Wild Adventures of Doc Savage website,

—6”x9”deluxe hardcovers which will contain an illustrated Afterword detailing the background creation of each novel, as well as bonus articles and biographies by Will Murray and others—available in this edition only. These will also include signed bookplates autographed by Will Murray, artist Joe DeVito, and “Lester Dent” (in facsimile).

—e-book formats available for all the most popular e-readers: Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Apple’s iBookstore (for the iPad and iPhone).

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19 Thoughts on Announcing All-New Doc Savage Novels!

  1. Nice that Altus got this. But am surprised. Figured Conde Nast would avoid all the small pulp-related presses, like Altus, wanted a more traditional book publisher with marketing power behind them.

    But these will go to the top of my Altus Press ‘to buy’ list…

  2. Have no fear Doc Savage and Will Murray is hear!!!

  3. This is indeed good news and am glad to hear that stories will be based on Dent’s ideas and outlines, and that they will remain period pieces. That said, I do hope Will will try to make the characters more realistic in the way Dent himself tried in the post war years.

  4. This is great news at last. Fantastic cover by Mr. Devito and nice continuity to the old series. Like the new logo. As much as i like the classic Bantam logo, I guess its’ time to move on a little after so many years. Congratulations to Mr. Murray, and can’t wait!

  5. This is wonderful news and the end of a long wait for Doc fans everywhere. Will Murray has captured the style of Dent its hard to tell them apart.I took the first Savage journey at the age of 9 and love them as much today……the writing puts you right in the story like a vice-grip.A long over due suprise…when do they go on sale??

    • They should be available in just a few weeks. And the e-book versions probably in August.

  6. It’s seems like it’s been forever but we are finally having our wishes come true! I can’t wait for the new stories to be published. Glad that Altus got the rights to these!

  7. This will truly be The Summer of Bronze!

  8. If I’m not mistaken, Will Murray purchased the rights to Doc Savage from Conde Nast and I’m hoping for new adventures for the forseeable future. Congratulations and thanks to Will for his dedication to bringing new Doc stories to the fans and dedicated readers and keeping Dent’s hero alive!

  9. Alright! Glad to see the first “Wild Adventure” is now available to order! Just placed my deluxe order…can’t wait to see Doc back in print.

  10. I am 57 1/2 years old and first started reading Doc Savage when I was in junior high school in the mid 60’s. I believe I have read all 180 or so bantam paperbacks. I hope the new series will demonstrate Doc’s earlier actions dowager those who preyed upon people and even nations. He was a little more likely to use his strength and training to it’s fullest extent.

    But some where in the series he became a more gentler and less physical presence to those who threatened his or other peoples lives. I’m a firm believer that if you grab a lion by the tail, you should get severely mauled, shot or killed. Simpering putting the evil that men do and the preforming brain surgery to erase the Evil . Does not recompense the victims of vicious people who will kill torched and maim to get what they want.

    I am a retired policeman with almost 25 years service. I can tell you that Evil people walk no run among us as commit such atrocities to thier fellow man woman or child. The courts can’t or won’t do thier jobs, the prisions are overflowing. Even those in Hal just become caged animals and are trained by thier fellow prisoners how to be worse criminals than when they went in.

    So some deserved justice is due, just ask Remo and The Glorious Master os Sinanju “Chiun” Emeritus.

    Long live the Man Of Bronze, as well as all the super Heros that gave all young boys Hope of a better world to live in.

  11. Randy, I don’t agree with you and please arrange for proofreading. I’m a retired English teacher so forgive the admonition. Doc’s stories are fairy tales taking place in the rushed darkness of a sinister cityscape or an exotic landscape tailor made for the adventure. Does Doc, James Bond, or Batman deal with “real” villains? These aren’t police procedurals or true crime adventures. Their charm is in the fantastical , a world where men achieve more, and villains gestate florid evils. I see no reason why reality should intrude on the wild journeys of the boys.

  12. really fired up for new doc savage series. read 180 of the 182 originals from 1972 to about 1995. read most of the 1990s will murray series. time for some new adventure!

  13. Doc and crew where the best pulp heros.

    OT:Anyone read HP LOVECRAFT & have a recommendation for some of his


    • All of them??

      He mainly wrote short stories. Only a few longer works that could be considered novels. Del Ray has, what?, 6 volumes reprinting it all, or is it 3 trade paperbacks?

      Most of his stuff can go into 2 groups- more fantasy in a loose style of Lord Dunsany. His Dreamland stuff would go there. Most of the rest falls into the loose “Cthulhu Mythos”.

  14. I was an avid wallflower bookworm in school and I had my nose constantly in a Doc Savage paperback. It’s amazing I ran across this site as I have been trying to find the paperbacks again (all of them) so I can read them again. Attribute it to my youth but he was my hero in my life when I needed one and I loved the books just as they were. They helped me survive my childhood and let me know that there were good people out there who would help others. It kept me going. I could still use a Doc Savage in my world today. I still keep my hopes up that I will run into one as our justice system will not lift a finger to put a stop to the injustices that are going on. I need someone with more power than I have. Just like when I was a kid…., Doc Savage where are you?


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