Big Announcements Coming…

We’ve been working behind the scenes to line up a few high-profile publications. Some have taken months of negotiation, but one major franchise is nearly 100% official. Look for a huge announcement in the next few weeks. I can say no more….

…well, except for: thanks for your continued support!


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May 25, 2011

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May 25, 2011

4 Thoughts on Big Announcements Coming…

  1. Huh. Wonder what that could be.

    Considering that most pulps are in the public domain, there aren’t much I could think of. And since what you say doesn’t indicate an authors work, would think it be a publishing house.

    Street & Smith stuff is coming from Sanctum Books, so can’t think its that. the only other major pulp house who has retained copyrights is Popular Publications. You’d done a few of their works, but none of their major characters (Spider, Operator 5, G-8). Adventure House is doing G-8 and Girasol is doing Spider (after others tried).

  2. I’m hoping for a complete collection of Operator 5’s Purple Invasion!

  3. Actually, High Adventure did that a few years back. I have all their issues.

    But I would like volumes like Altus are doing for Black Bat, SAX, etc, be available for Op5, G-8 and Spider.


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