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Hi all- I usually pride myself on having several titles being released at the same time. I’ve had a handful in the construction stage for some time, and after a few technical delays, they are nearly ready for release.

First, you’ll notice that Volume 3 of our complete reprinting of the Secret Agent “X” series has been released. It’s the best edition yet, as Stephen Payne has written a thorough introduction for it. And the stories ain’t too shabby either. Two other books, A Man Named Jones and Super Detective Jim Anthony: The Complete Series Volume 1 are already available in hardcover. Their softcover counterparts are a few weeks away from availability on Amazon.

A Man Named Jones also ushers in a new sub-set of our book line: the Altus Press Lost Race Library. This will reprint material from this wonderful genre which was popularized by H. Rider Haggard and lasted until around 1920. Some of this material will be culled from the pulps, while others are taken directly from rare hardcovers. The inaugural wave of this series is comprised of four books, with Under the Andes being redesigned to match the Lost Race Library dress. The other two releases will be announced shortly.

Further pulp titles are coming soon, among them a collection of all of Arthur Leo Zagat’s Red Finger stories from the pages of Operator #5. There are several other Popular Publications-owned titles coming as well, and they’ll be announced soon.

Tunnels & Death

October 25, 2009

Retirement & Releases

October 25, 2009

5 Thoughts on New Titles Soon

  1. Hi Matt,
    That’s great news! I love those Lost Race novels. The first author I discovered while looking for the Burroughs’ stuff was H. Rider Haggard. I’ve never grown tired of the great adventure stories with a lost race theme.

  2. Sounds great.

    Wish the Jim Anthony volume had come out earlier. I recently read the first 3, but had to use reprints from 3 different publishers. I want to read the rest of his stories, atleast while he was still ‘Super’, before they altered him. The extras in volume one would be my main reason for getting him.

    Not familiar with the Red Finger. I might get that one. Also not familiar with ‘A Man Named Jones’, but like lost race works, so may get it from that reason, along with the rest in this series.

  3. I see that “Coming Attractions” is listing your upcoming books, all part of the “Lost Races” series. Look interesting, but not sure if/when I’ll get them.

  4. I see in the latest “Coming Attractions” of even more upcoming works. Now these are several I want, such as Triple Detective #4 (still need to get #3), The Red Finger (not familiar with this character, but sounds interesting), the collection of Paul Ernst works that influenced the Avenger (sounds VERY interesting), and the Tom Johnson collection (whoever the heck HE is…)

    You got a lot coming out, but when????

  5. Now I see you’re coming out with a complete Black Bat reprint series. At about 3 stories per volume, this will be about 20 volumes or so.

    So when are these new books coming out???


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