Tunnels & Death

A couple of items of interest this time around. First, “Alias Mr. Death” has been released from Altus Press. This is a landmark novel, being the blueprint for the future Phantom Detective, and a novel every pulp fan will have fun reading. This novel sets the tone not only for the Phantom Detective, but you’ll find elements that will appear shortly in The Spider and most other pulp series. Find out more about this book at Altus Press http://steegerbooks.com

I have completed Triple Detective #4 for Matt, though it may not be printed until the first of next year. There are a couple of surprises in this issue, but I think it’s best we keep them secret until release date. I don’t think readers will be disappointed, but then readers are never disappointed with books from Altus Press!

Just in case I didn’t mention our new Phantom Detective Yahoo Groups at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/The_Phantom_Detective/?yguid=321995096

I also found a Pulp Chat group that looks interesting. Check them out at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pulp-chat/?yguid=321995096

I did receive a nice Review on “Pangaea: Eden’s Children” from Coffee Time Romance; at least as good as could be expected from a romance review group on an adventure SF novel. NTD will Post the Review on their Site shortly.

NTD has released my science fiction novel, “Tunnel Through Space”, with a fantastic cover. Below is the release notice for the book. I hope everyone will pick up a copy.

Tunnel Through Space by Tom Johnson

ISBN #978-0-578-03589-5 $16.50

Pulp thrills in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs!

Sucked into a Black Hole, their cargo ship is spit out at the edge of the universe. Crashing on a primitive planet in a binary star system, Captain Lamont Rogers and his copilot, Lieutenant Marsha Tomlison are separated by hundreds of miles in a savage jungle on an alien world, where they must survive deadly peril while attempting to reunite. Each must deal with personal dangers in their own way, knowing they can never return to their home world.

On the heels of his popular Pangaea series, Tom Johnson creates a new world of excitement and adventure as fascinating as any pulp science fiction yarn today. Just released from Night To Dawn Books, this 265-page novel will make the reader beg for a sequel! http://www.bloodredshadows.com