Secret Agent “X”: The Resurrection Ring is Here!

Secret Agent "X": The Resurrection RingSecret Agent “X” expert Stephen Payne is back with his best SAX novel yet! Designed to look like a vintage Secret Agent “X” pulp, it’s rounded out by an all-new introduction by Tom Johnson.

Secret Agent “X”: The Resurrection Ring can be ordered here. It’s available in softcover and ebook (.epub and .mobi) formats.


Arsonists in silver-white garments, animate snowmen, reduce innocent victims and private property alike to blackened husks. Then armed with strange pistols, the killers murder a number of crooked industrialists and dope lords. Only then can the arsonists’ chief, the fiendish Resurrectionist, raise the gunshot victims from the grave! But new life isn’t so great, since all of the formerly deceased are now wild-eyed, twitching addicts, slaves to a mysterious “sugar”!

Can the Resurrectionist really build his criminal cult by raising the dead and summoning the Wrath of God on his enemies? Or is his actual goal something more personal: the real identity of the Man of a Thousand Faces?

To answer these questions, the brilliant detective and his courageous assistants, a known criminal among them, must confront an old enemy. He will force the Secret Agent to face his own shadowy past and to admit that even he might finally have run out of disguises–and surprises….

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September 16, 2014

Now Available - Tomorrow: The Complete Saga, Vol. 1

September 16, 2014