Now Available – Tomorrow: The Complete Saga, Vol. 1

Tomorrow: The Complete Saga, Volume 1

We’re pleased to announce another new release, this one a classic, never before reprinted from the pages of Argosy:

Tomorrow: The Complete Saga, Volume 1 by Arthur Leo Zagat

The complete saga of Dikar and The Bunch is collected for the first time. Set in a decimated post-invasion United States, Volume 1 contains the following stories:

“Tomorrow”: What will they be like—those Lost Children of Tomorrow, the survivors of Armageddon? How will they live, and who will lead them? Here is a vivd visualization of their fight back to Civilization.

“Children of Tomorrow”: They are the hope and promise of America—these Lost Children who by a miracle survived the destruction of their generation. But before their Tomorrow can come they shall destroy the Barbarians who ravage their country’s green fields and rolling hills—for the night cannot last forever.

“Bright Flag of Tomorrow”: On their wilderness Mountain was safety from the dreaded hordes; but below them America lay waiting for deliverance, praying for the hope that only these Wild Boys could bring them….

“Thunder Tomorrow”: It is the voice of America, this thunder, lifted against an alien and savage tyranny. For tonight Dikar leads his army-with-banners into battle, and the hope of Tomorrow shall be proclaimed with guns.

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