The Complete Adventures of the Moon Man, Volume 3: 1934
The Complete Adventures of the Moon Man, Volume 3: 1934
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The Complete Adventures of the Moon Man, Volume 3: 1934

One of the strangest pulp heroes is finally available from Altus Press! Created by pulp fiction legend Frederick C. Davis for the pages of the ultra-rare title, Ten Detective Aces, the Moon Man fought the forces of the underworld in 38 unforgettable tales. Volume 3 collects the next six stories from this series: “Moon Doom,” “Calling Car 13!,” “Fingers of Fear,” “Corpse’s Alibi,” “The Sinister Snatch” and “Badge of Blood.” And it includes an all-new introduction by Moon Man expert Andrew Salmon.


From 1933–37 pulpsmith extraordinaire Frederick C. Davis chronicled the adventures of the classic pulp hero the Moon Man in the pages of Ten Detective Aces. One of the most unique and compelling characters in the history of the genre, the pulp superhero Moon Man was the Robin Hood of the pulps: He stole from those who profited from the misery of the Depression to help those in need, to balance the scales of justice.

And justice was close to the Moon Man’s heart. For the Moon Man was actually police detective Stephen Thatcher—a dedicated law officer all too familiar with the cracks in the system criminals used to avoid retribution. Donning a black robe and a globe of Argus glass, Thatcher became the Moon Man, a thief who stole from criminals the law could not touch.

Now the Moon Man is hunted by his best friend and partner, reviled by his father and fiancé who all want to see the masked thief pay the ultimate price for his crimes. Stephen Thatcher must walk the razor’s edge of his double life where, every minute, the threat of exposure could shatter his fragile world.

For the first time in decades all 38 of the Moon Man’s exploits have been collected by Altus Press in a seven-volume set. And it includes an all-new introduction by Moon Man expert Andrew Salmon.

  • Moon Doom: The Rattler, a vicious killer, lays his crimes at the feet of the Moon Man. And the Moon Man is hunted by the entire police force. “Get the murderous Moon Man!” is the cry. Detective Sergeant Thatcher—the Moon Man—finds himself on a hot spot. And the spot gets hotter when the phone sergeant at headquarters hears that unguarded whisper creeping in over the wire. A whisper that brands Steve Thatcher as the Moon Man.
  • “Calling Car 13!” Ripping the night air came that fatal message to a fatal car—“Calling Car 13!” And it plunged Great City into a mad whirl of murder. For that prowl car was riding to the hideout of Ned Dargan, the notorious Moon Man’s assistant. Black powder scorched red blood. And Lieutenant McEwen cornered the Moon Man.
  • Fingers of Fear: Dicks die hard! Gil McEwen, ace sleuth of Great City, gets kicked off the force for failing to bring in the Moon Man. Gil McEwen, whose very life’s breath is the police department, is forced to turn in his shield… and Detective Sergeant Steve Thatcher—the notorious Moon Man—has to get Gil McEwen back on the cops—without exposing himself.
  • Corpse’s Alibi: The spectacular race track robbery told Lieutenant McEwen that the notorious Moon Man was a member of the police force. The Moon Man, who risked discovery and death to help the needy, was trapped by his own thumb-print. For the Moon Man was Detective Sergeant Steve Thatcher. McEwen threw a cordon around headquarters, from which there was no escape. Trapped, helpless, Steve Thatcher watched McEwen go for the file that recorded the fingerprints of every man in the department.
  • The Sinister Snatch: The black shadow of a threatened kidnaping hung over the family of a wealthy newspaper publisher. Lieutenant Gilbert McEwen and the pick of the police department were on the job. Into this tense drama came a third power—the notorious Moon Man. He warned the kidnapers to lay off. The kidnapers laughed at him. McEwen swore at him. But the Moon Man—that enigma of enigmas—had never failed to keep a promise.
  • Badge of Blood: The notorious Moon Man had the goods on a crooked cop, had him dead to rights. But that crooked cop also had a trump card to play in the game of death. He knew that the Moon Man was Detective Sergeant Steve Thatcher. He drove the Moon Man to a hard bargain—a bargain that made a cop wear the Badge of Blood.

The Complete Adventures of the Moon Man, Volume 3: 1934 by Frederick C. Davis contains the following stories:

  • “Moon Doom”
  • “Calling Car 13!”
  • “Fingers of Fear”
  • “Corpse’s Alibi”
  • “The Sinister Snatch”
  • “Badge of Blood”

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January 5, 2017


Andrew Salmon,

Frederick C. Davis


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