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Altus Press New Releases: H. Bedford-Jones and Donald Keyhoe’s Richard Knight

Altus Press continues our reprinting of Richard Knight, as written by UFO researcher Donald E. Keyhoe. Volume 2 contains the next three novel-length stories, along with all of the original illustrations. Get it at a discount until March 1 only from We’ve also released another action-packed thriller by The King of the Pulps, H. Bedford-Jones. Colonel Flea is […]

Altus Press Releases Wu Fang and Donald Keyhoe’s Eric Trent

Altus Press continues the reprinting of Popular Publications’ classic villain series, The Mysterious Wu Fang. Volume 2 contains the next novel-length story, “The Case of the Scarlet Feather,” with all of the original illustrations. We’ve also introduced the complete reprinting of another air hero series character from the pages of Flying Stories. Written by famed […]

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