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The Altus Press 30% Off Weekend Sale Continues With The Spider, Operator 5, G-8, and Dusty Ayres

From now until midnight on November 26th—and only on—use promo code 2018turkey at checkout to get 30% off our already-discounted prices!* Use it on just about everything we sell on Each day, we’re unveiling several new books. Today we’re unveiling the next four books in our Popular Publications Pulp Heroes line, collecting the […]

Altus Press Latest Releases: The Lost Spider Novel, Dusty Ayres, and a New Issue of Black Mask Magazine

Altus Press is pleased to release several new pulp collections in time for the Windy City Pulp & Paper Convention: we’ll have a limited number of copies there, but not to worry: you can order them directly from too. The releases are highlighted by the lost Spider novel, Slaughter, Incorporated, sourced directly from the […]

Altus Press Releases Two New, Much-Requested Pulp Reprints: Dusty Ayres & The Moon Man

Continuing our acclaimed Popular Heroes series, Dusty Ayres and his Battle Birds #1, reprints—for the first time—the very first story, “Black Lightning!,” complete with its original illustrations. This authorized, superior presentation of this pulp hero series ushers in the complete reprinting of this classic series. And ebooks are on the way. Another long-running pulp hero […]

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